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Online Roulette Games Played All Over The World

French for “little wheel”, roulette dates all the way back to the 18th century. It’s creator, Blaise Pascal, set out to invent the perpetual motion machine. Though his invention was a bust, his machine became the base of one of the most popular casino games of our time. The game is so popular that there are a variety of online roulette games played all over the world. Before you join a game, at one of the many online live roulette casinos NZ, let’s take a look at four popular variations of roulette: French, European, American, and Mini.


In the mid-18th century a zero was added to the wheel, giving the house the edge. Despite this fact, French roulette offers better odds for players than all other varieties. Consisting of 37 pockets, numbered 0-36, French roulette provides a return-to-player percentage of 98.65%. French roulette also provides players the benefit of the La Partage Rule. Players who place an even money bet receive half of the amount they bet if the ball lands in the zero pocket. Placing an even money bet reduces the house edge from 2.703% to 1.35%.


The differences between the European and French roulette wheels are minute and non-consequential. For example, the European wheel has instructions written in English rather than French. Like the French version, European roulette has a house edge of 2.703%. However, the European version does not apply the La Partage Rule. Thus, the chances of winning at European roulette are slightly less than the French version.


In the 19th century roulette made its way to America, where another pocket was added to the wheel. The American roulette wheel consists of 38 pockets, labeled 00 – 36. The addition of the second zero pocket tipped the odds further in favor of the house. A higher house edge and the absence of the La Partage Rule makes American roulette the least advantageous to players, offering a return-to-player percentage of 94.74%.


Just as the name implies, mini roulette is a mini version of the game. The wheel is comprised of 13 pockets, numbered 0 – 12. The return-to-player percentage is 96.15%, which is higher than the American game. Plus, if a player loses to zero, he gets half his bet back. This further improves the odds of winning. Mini roulette is a great choice for beginners, who may find the reduced betting options and improved odds less intimidating.

Final Thoughts

While French roulette offers the best odds for players, any version of this classic is sure to excite. As always, good luck and have fun!

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