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Why POLi Is The Best Choice For Casino Payments

POLi is fast becoming a popular payment method for casino players across both Australia and New Zealand. This internet-based payment method works as an alternative to more traditional bank cards. The transfer system makes use of existing internet banking systems to quickly pay for goods and services. Here is everything you need to know about this payment method widely used in New Zealand and Australia before starting to use it for online gambling transactions:

The Essentials of POLi

The transfer service works quite differently from a lot of other payment systems in that they do not store any user information. This means that POLi is rather connected to an existing service and does not require a username or password. With this, the only major requirement to use POLi is a bank account. The other part of the service that is attractive to a lot of users is the fact that you do not have to pay anything extra for transfers. Their system also gives you an immediate reflection of a transfer, this way you know whether it has been successful or not.

Why Choose POLi Over Others

With POLi being more of a service that plugs into another payment system it makes it very easy to use with multiple accounts or casino sites. As a company, POLi is also very well supported as it runs under the Australian Post. This is a big positive as most state-run entities are more reliable than normal businesses. One of the more intriguing characteristics of the business is the fact that they collect absolutely no data whatsoever. This is quite rare for a modern company, but it does mean that their systems are more secure than the majority out there.

How The Payment System Works

POLi essentially acts as a proxy through which users can access their bank accounts. This means that POLi is almost like a middleman that makes it easier and faster for users to transfer money in and out of their bank accounts. A lot of people see this as a very good step in security as it essentially hides any data needed for a transfer which makes it very difficult for hackers to access. With the fact, alone that no charges are required for transfers and that no data is collected from users should mean that the majority of people would be able to use POLi without a significant change in how they already make payments.

If you have heard about POLi but have not been entirely sure about how it works or if it is a good service, hopefully, you now have your answer. The service offered by the company is quite unique as it is essentially a freeway of safeguarding your bank transfers. This combined with the lack of data harvesting should leave POLi without any real competitors for some time.

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