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Online Casino Sites With Unordinary Features

Bored of the same predictable online casinos? Looking for a different kind of gaming experience? We’ve searched the gaming world to find online casinos with unordinary features. We also recommend you to check these online casino reviews to learn more about some of the most innovative platforms out there.

Duelz Casino

Play against the House and battle other players with Duelz Casino! Immerse yourself in a magical world of triumph and fortune. Choose your character, cast spells, and defeat your opponent to win chests filled with bonuses and prizes. Duelz Casino’s multiplayer platform is best experienced on your mobile device.


Pay N Play means no registration process, no account verification, and instant withdrawals direct to your bank. Thrills Casino lets you skip all the boring stuff and get right to playing your favorite online casino games. Simply make a deposit using your online bank and start playing. Extra perks include 10% cashback on losses (for those unlucky streaks) and play safe features that let you set limits on deposits and bets.


Adventure lovers will enjoy this imaginative island journey. Home to the Ikkis, the land of Ikubu offers fun and exciting gameplay. Explore the map and visit new villages to earn seeds that you can trade for free spins. Participate in Ikubu races and beat other Ikkis to earn even more great rewards.

Casino Heroes

Choose from three island adventure sagas and become a hero by completing your quest! You will be rewarded with riches for your bravery. You will find hidden treasures along the way that contain bonuses to help you defeat your enemies. Earn extra great prizes by defeating the bosses in boss fights.

Casino Calzone

Delight your senses with this pizza-themed online gaming platform. Casino Calzone serves up a delicious menu of casino games to choose from. Every play earns you Cal’s Cash that you can use to spin the Holy Calzone Wheel. Every spin is guaranteed a prize! Casino Calzone promises to satisfy your appetite.

Final Thoughts

Online casino sites with unordinary features like multiplayer mobile apps, user-friendly platforms, adventure quests, and fun themes are a welcome addition to the online gaming arena. We can’t wait to see what cutting-edge online casino games will be available next.

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