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The Growing Popularity of Live Casino Streaming

Live casino streaming seems to be one of the latest betting trends. It operates in the same way as movie streaming. Punters broadcast their playing sessions live and customers can opt to watch them in real time or on demand. If you want to watch favorite gambling games, you can do it via Twitch or YouTube.

Live casino

Live casinos represent brand-new formats of casino games. Thanks to their appearance, the players can enjoy betting from their homes and have a real-world betting feeling. Moreover, punters can also watch live events at leading online mobile casino NZ sites. The industry of live casino grows in popularity with the help of top-notch software producers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Play N GO.

There is also a difference between live casinos and live casino streaming. Live casinos require opening an account to play or watch favorite events. On the other hand, live casino streaming requires no account for watching live stream events.

Live Casino Games

Casino punters enjoy live events at favorite betting sites. The most attractive options are live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem.

Live blackjack seems to be a very competitive experience. Here you place bets via the interface and wait for the dealer to deal the cards. While placing live bets, you should pay attention to the time limit and the number of hands required. Players are able to follow card information which appears on the screen instantly.

Live Roulette

When you participate in live roulette chance, you will see an electronic version of the table with placed bets. As soon as the wheel is spun, punters can check all info on the screen. If you win, you will automatically receive the payment.

Optical Camera Recognition

With the progress of technology, some of the revolutionary inventions appear. The optical camera records all gaming events including shuffling, spinning of the wheel, hands distribution and everything is available via the link. Punters have the possibility to get support via 24/7 live chat or to place bets via the console.

The Popularity Of Live Casino Streaming

The beginnings of live casino streaming are related with YouTube channel. Later on, the Amazon-owned service Twitch entered the live streaming industry. Since its introduction in 2017, the number of Twitch users is constantly growing. At the moment, Twitch enjoys 1,7 million registered streamers who regularly broadcast their games and communicate with followers. Other useful live streaming services are Microsoftˈs Mixer and Facebookˈs live feed. According to the report of Casinos from 2017, the most popular streamer is Rocknrolla with 15 million views on YouTube and about 300,000 on Twitch.

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